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2 hours 20 minutes
one interval
12+for viewers over 12 years old
50 minutes Interval 30 minutes 60 minutes
Spartacus Ernest Latypov
Valeria Maria Shuvalova
Crassus Andrey Kasyanenko
Sabina Ekaterina Odarenko
Pompeius Farukh Ruzimatov
Crixus Denis Morozov
Gorgon (soprano) Svetlana Monchak
Goddess Nike (mezzo-soprano) Ekaterina Kanevskaya

Conductor Alexey Repnikov
Libretto, choreography and production: Georgy Kovtun
Stage and Costume Design: Vyacheslav Okunev
Lighting Designer: Alexander Kibitkin

Premiere of the production: 29 April 2008
Back on Stage: 7 September 2018

Imperial Rome, with its magnificent processions, orgies, and gladiatorial combats, provides a spectacular backdrop for this dramatic story of the fight for human dignity and freedom. The gladiators revolt is doomed to failure, but that does nothing to reduce the tension in the auditorium since in every scene, the characters give a full display of all the qualities of human nature in the face of brutal retribution.

Act I


In the centre of the forum, there is a cage full of slaves, exhibited for the kicks of the crowd. Pompeius, a Roman general, appears in the carriage pulled by the slaves, Crixus and Spartacus.


Ares, the director of gladiators school, brings in some female slaves to entertain the enslaved warriors. Spartacus is charmed by one of them, Valeria, who returns his love. The attendants interrupt their meeting. Spartacus is enraged, but the forces are uneven.

Scene 3. PALACE

Crassus is throwing a lavish feast. Together with courtesan Sabina, they are at the frontline of the bacchanalia. The guests urge for new entertainments. They are going to watch gladiators fights.

Scene 4. ARENA

Crixus the Thracian defeats Pyrrhus the Nubian. Spartacus arrives among other Samnites and Thracians. At the end of the battle, Spartacus refuses to kill the last defeated rival and is about to leave the arena. However, he has broken the rules: Crassuss soldiers rush to grab him, but Crassus delighted with his boldness stops them.


Crixus and Spartacus call for the riot: it is better to die as free people than to live in slavery. The gladiators charge onto the guards, take hold of their weapons and break free.


Valeria and Spartacus see their first sunrise as free people. More and more people are coming to the camp of Spartacus: the fugitive slaves join the brave gladiators. Spartacus is chosen as their leader.

Act II


The guards bring in the caught Crixus. Crassus challenges Crixus to fight with him and easily defeats the enslaved gladiator. Sabina seduces Crixus. Pompeius enraged by Sabinas behavior leaves the villa. Suddenly Spartacuss army storms in the palace. Crixus asks to have mercy upon all those present. Spartacus and Crixus argue. Spartacus and his warriors return to their camp.

Scene 8. SENATE

The Senate is alarmed: the riot has embraced the whole Italy. Pompeius demands from Crassus prompt actions against Spartacus. Crassus laughs over the senators fears and promises to crash Spartacus and his gladiators.


Crassus and Sabina conceive a plot against Spartacus. They will ask Crixus to bring courtesans to the gladiators camp.

Scene 10. WOODS

Shepherds are having fun with shepherdesses dressed like sheep. However, when the gladiators arrive, the shepherds choose to join the army of the rebels. Crixus brings the courtesans to the camp. Crassus and his people take advantage of the gladiators debauch and surround the camp. Crixus is desperate. He rushes to Spartacus and asks the gladiators leader to kill him. Spartacus refuses to do it and Crixus commits suicide.


Spartacus finds out a numerous army is moving to his camp. The gladiator understands that the revolt is about to be crushed. He has no choice: it is better to die than to become a slave again.

Scene 12. BATTLE

Spartacus is hemmed by the enemies. The revolt is crushed, gladiators are crucified. Valeria is mourning over Spartacus and his defeated brothers-in-arms.



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