Na floresta. Duende. White Darkness

triple bill by Nacho Duato

30 minutes
for viewers over 16 years old

Nacho Duato composed the one-act ballet, White Darkness, as a requiem for the untimely loss of a sister. The result is a masterpiece which, according to critics, has reached impossible heights in the landscape of modern art.

The ballets heroine, having lost faith in love, seeks oblivion; but the path she has chosen brings her not joy but feverish agitation, followed by disappointment, alienation and self-imposed isolation.

Nacho Duato does not consider dance to be a form of social commentary, but he nevertheless uses it to convey the most complex of themes. I am deeply struck by how sad it is when young people allow drugs to ruin their lives and slip into a dark world, a world so dark, in fact, that there is no escape from it, the choreographer explains, on the subject of the emotional background to this production.

Premiere of the production: 2 May 2014

  • Choreography and StagingNacho Duato
  • Stage DesignJaffar Chalabi
  • Costume DesignerLourdes Frías
  • Lighting DesignerJoop Caboort
  • Musical Director of the productionMarius Stravinsky
  • Costume TechnologyAlla Marusina
  • Choreographers AssistantThomas Klein
  • Assistant to Musical DirectorIgor Tomashevsky

Karl Jenkins music is performed by permission of Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd

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