Yesenins Women

production by Galina Polishuk

3 hours
1 act
1 h 15 min
interval 30 min
2 act
1 h 15 min
for viewers over 16 years old

The Gorky Moscow Art Theatre is visiting the Mikhailovsky Theatre!
Yesenins Women is a landmark performance of the theatre, which has already been watched by over one hundred thousand spectators in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk since its premiere.

A poet is not the one who writes poetry, but the one who pays for it with his destiny. And the fate of Sergei Yesenin was an eternal search for happiness and eternal disappointment.

Yesenin had several important love affairs in his life. Almost all of them ended tragically. He dedicated poems to his lovers, which became classics of Russian poetry, but did not know how to maintain feelings for a woman for long. For Yesenin, each novel was, first of all, a breath of creative energy. He was looking for love and ran from it, fleeing loneliness and longing for solitude.

Who are these women of Yesenin? Who did they love  the brilliant poet? An angel with golden hair? A naughty reveller? How did the relationship between Yesenins parents and the dramatic turns in his mothers fate resonate in his adult life, in his relationships with his lovers? No one has yet looked at the poets work from this angle.

  • Stage DirectorGalina Polishchuk
  • Stage DesignerAigars Ozoliņš
  • Costume DesignerIrena Belousova
  • ComposerSergey Geokchaev
  • ChoreographerAnastasia Kadrulyova
  • Lighting DesignerSergey Vasiliev, Alexey Naumov
  • Sound DesignerArtemy Litarovsky
  • Musical ProducerVasily Pospelov
  • Elocution CoachMarina Tezova
  • Stage Directors AssistantsYulia Lifanenkova, Elvira Karpova

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