Romeo and Juliet

music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

2 hours 10 minutes
for viewers over 6 years old

World literature knows many beautiful but tragic love stories. But one of them stands out, the story that is called the saddest in the world, the story of two Verona lovers Romeo and Juliet.

Events take place in medieval Italy. Enmity has been going on between the two famous Verona families, the Montagues and the Capulets, for many years. But two young hearts from opposing clans fall in love with each other. Their love is stronger than family enmity, stronger than prejudices and insurmountable obstacles. The great power of this love conquers everything, even death.

The main idea of the St. Petersburg Tchaikovsky Ballet Theatre in creating a full-fledged performance of Romeo and Juliet was to combine the amazing music of P.I. Tchaikovsky with the most lyrical of W. Shakespeares works. The musical parts from the greatest works of P.I. Tchaikovsky were used for this purpose, such as: Symphony No. 6, Suite No. 3, Italian Capriccio, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra and of course the fantasy overture Romeo and Juliet.

The ballet premiered in 2015 and has been performing for more than one season on the stage of the Alexandrinsky, Mikhailovsky and Hermitage theatres in St. Petersburg. The ballet tours the world with great success. Peoples Artist of Russia Farukh Ruzimatov is participating in the performance. This time the brilliant dancer will appear as Tybalt.

Stage director: St. Petersburg Tchaikovsky Ballet Theatre, accompanied by the Baltic Symphony Orchestra.

Libretto by Elizaveta Menshikova and Pavel Yolkin after William Shakespeare

  • ChoreographyElizaveta Menshikova
  • Stage DesignersElizaveta Menshikova, Pavel Yolkin

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