23-26 September 2010, Mikkeli, Finland

The Mikhailovsky Ballet in Mikkeli

The Mikhailovsky Ballet Company has come home from the Mikkeli tour, which took place on 13-26 September 2010 at the Mikaeli Concert Hall.

Le Corsaire Thu, September, 23 2010
Le Corsaire Fri, September, 24 2010
Cipollino (morning) Sat, September, 25 2010
Gala (evening) Sat, September, 25 2010
Le Corsaire Sun, September, 26 2010

The triumph of the 2009 tour was repeated in 2010. The special feature of the tour programme was the combination of classical and contemporary choreography. The ballet company presented Le Corsaire revised by Farukh Ruzimatov, Cipollino choreographed by Genrikh Mayorov, In a Minor Key, the brand new ballet by Slava Samodurov premiered at the Mikhailovsky Theatre last season. Every performance was warmly met by the public, special attention of the audience was drawn by Irina Perren in Le Corsaire, Ekaterina Borchenko and Artyom Pykhachov in the Pas de deux from Act III of Swan Lake, and the duet of Irina Perren and the new soloist of the theatre Victor Lebedev in Classical pas de deux set to music by Daniel Auber. Like in 2010, Cipollino, the ballet for children, gathered the full house.

On 2-10 October 2010 the Mikhailovsky corps de ballet will participate in the Korean tour of the Mikhailovsky Opera Company and in winter the Mikhailovsky Ballet will go to its anniversary tour to Japan.
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