Without Words. Prelude. White Darkness

triple bill by Nacho Duato

25 minutes
for viewers over 12 years old

Without Words is a plotless one-act ballet filled with metaphors and allusions. Taking the form of antique statues, the dancers tell a story that can be interpreted as a memory of love and other ordeals which people undergo through their lives. The story is free from details of the routine — it emerges from and goes back into the existential darkness, endless like an eternal sleep. Nacho Duato sees dance as a never-ending melody. He creates exquisite multi-figure compositions, natural movements, steps and lifts. Like fire or water, it feels like you could watch it forever, going with the flow of your thoughts.

Premiere of the production: 15 March 2011

Music by Franz Schubert

Choreography: Nacho Duato
Sets and Costumes: Nacho Duato
Lighting Designer: Brad Fields (based on the original idea of Nacho Duato)
Choreographer's Assistants: Thomas Klein, Gentian Doda

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